The Mask

Right to actually start a real post instead of just the basic about me stuff.

The Mask

A mask I do always wear

To hide my great despair

Long have I worn it thin and thick

Till on my face it did stick

Now remove it I cannot

I wish wear it I had not

Will I ever know or be

 The truly maskless me?

Hope you like it, please comment.

The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on November 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Mask”

  1. Beautiful piece of poetry! 🙂 I am most awed by the unforgettable simplicity yet so much depth in the meaning.

  2. Most people wear a mask to some degree to hide those parts of themselves that they are afraid for the rest of us to see. They are ashamed of something, embarrassed, think people won’t like them if they find out the “truth” about them, etc. Very common. Me too.

    You say “but we are who we become”. You’re still “becoming” who you are to be–each moment we are becoming–changing–if we allow it. Why not freak everyone out and be “yourself” and shake their misconceptions up! Maybe you’ll find it freeing–or maybe not. So what if others “expect” you to be a certain way! I only say this because your poem says, “I wish wear it I had not.”

    Or maybe you need to tell me to mind my own business… 🙂

    But I did like your poem–it’s strikingly honest for someone choosing to live behind a mask! Very open and touching.

    • Everyone wears a mask of some description, even if it is a mask that shouts look at me.
      Indeed I say “I wish wear it I had not” and indeed I do wish that, but I also point out “Till on my face it did stick / Now remove it I cannot”
      I would not say such to anyone, no matter what they said, I’d merely not answer the question that I did not wish to answer.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, its written by a different mask than the one people who meet me in reality see hence the greater emotion, if you understand that.
      The Lonely Recluse.

  3. You’re so right. Some masks shout for attention. I see too that I can’t always see the bigger picture in someone’s life and it’s not my place to try and manage their choices or even give my opinion. I apologize for that–I learned something valuable about myself in this exchange with you.

    I did like the poem very much and totally understand the different mask you wrote to express yourself with here.

    I wish you well, Lonely Recluse.

  4. […] first poem I posted on my blog was The Mask it was also one of the first poems I wrote, a friend suggested I went back to an old poem and […]

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