The Lonely Recluse

Heres yet another poem about your’s truly

The lonely recluse,

Where is his excuse?

How can it be such,

His load is too much?

If this is a noose,

Will he it deduce?

Why does he try clutch,

Something he can’t touch?

The lonely recluse,

He has no excuse. 

Hope you like it, please comment.

The Lonely Recluse.


~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Lonely Recluse”

  1. Excellent piece of poetry! Flawlessly written. I wrote the following “Sonnet to Solitude” as a companion sonnet.

    When the cord of solitude had ever resounded,
    The silent and lonely recluse hath ever so bounded,
    Amongst the silent flowers of spring in peak,
    Which hath maken the surrounding grasses meek!

    The burden of solitude lay a bit in vanity,
    Truly, no reason nor excuse indeed,
    Yet quietly suffering the weight of humanity,
    A lighter load, a command to heed.

    And to ponder upon that noose which lay around his neck!
    Cutting into his throat and dreams, as I write.
    Stifling silence to every call and beck,
    Away passes the day and so passes the night!

    Dear my solitude, I ask, what has kept thee so long?
    So goes the melancholy strain in my song.

  2. Thank you “The Lonely Recluse”! I am truly humbled, but your poetry is certainly far better. Do keep writing!

  3. I would have replied on Jaskaran’s blog but i think its better if i reply on yours 🙂

    Ahh.. so now i see… poetry just so happens to let your inner feelings out something that you are perhaps not comfortable with i suppose?

    Actually i like to sometimes also keep my emotions and my thoughts to myself… but im not able to… its because i dance. When you dance with full out emotion… it brings out everything that you feel. Sorry… im not sure how you feel about dance… because i have been put down many times about it. 😦
    I do write however… and i feel when i write everything also comes out so i definitely understand you!

    As for your name… i have no intention to shorten it. Your name is who you are and it is great just the way it is 🙂 Unless ofcourse you would like me to call you something else

    • It does seem to make more sense to have this thred on my blog instead of Jaskaran’s doesn’t it.
      Yeah, that basically sums it up, poetry opens my emotions and my mind doesn’t like it.
      Dance is dance, as with all art it is a very personal thing, I may have two left feet, but I can appreciate dance as another form of beauty and elegance. Don’t let people put you down for what you do, normally they try because they are jealous.
      If you are happy writing my name in full it is your choice, if you want to shorten it to save time, that is also your choice, this name is just another mask, I care not how people use its name, for I know who the mask is, even if I do not know the one without the mask.
      The Lonely Recluse.

      • Yes it didnt make sense to have this thred on his.. 🙂

        But then what makes you want to write poetry if your mind does not like it?
        ( sorry to question this to you…)

      • Its a fair question, and one I probably wont make sense in answering. I write poetry because I need to get the emotions out of my head in some form or another, poetry just seems to work in doing the job for some reason. I origionally started because a friend asked me to write two line rhymes for the starts of their blog posts (The Pretender on [He no longer writes there but the blog still is written]), I don’t like leaving things unfinished so finished off the poems, then others just seemed to write themselves when they came (normally at some unholy time in the morning). Hope this makes some sense for you.
        The Lonely Recluse.

  4. Yes.. i understand your answer well!

    Keep writing! Your poems may be simple when it comes to words, however they are sophisticated and full with deep emotion!

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