A plea for help

I have to admit I’m not great with writing posts up onto wordpress, and this brings up problems, most I can sweep under a rug and get away without sorting but this one I do need help with. I need to clearly seperate my stanzas in my poetry, yet however many times I press enter to get a new line all I get when I look is the same space between every line, thus losing any trace of stanzas, as a short term thing I’ve started to indent the first line of a stanza but this is only a temporary solution. Can anyone help me with this problem? In hope,

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “A plea for help”

  1. Hi, Lonely,

    The way I deal with this is to write my poem in word then copy and past into the new post that shows up when you first open your dashboard. Once it’s in the edit mode, or (I think) if you write it in the full screen it wants to do double spaces. I’m not a computer godess and have problems with formatting too.


    • Thank you for the suggestion Victoria, I have tryed typing it into word and then pasting it into the New Post page but that just gives me single spaces. I’ll try your ideas when a new post gets added, thanks again. Oh and by the way I love the nick name :).
      The Lonely Recluse.

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