And in the end

Sorry for the theme of this poem, a friend needed the first two lines for a goodbye on another blog ( [great blog read it if you have a chance]). I suppose this is kind of to my grandparents who died a few years back, but it’s totally the wrong perspective for it to be from me to them.

And in the end

Goodbye my friend

Gone has the time

From our great prime

Ages go past

Hope rare to last

Our call has come

To life we succumb

Never to wait

Till health does abate

On our last breath

We welcome Death

So in the end

Goodbye my friend

Hope you enjoy. Please comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “And in the end”

  1. glad to see you visited my blog, Recluse. You can definitely expect me to check into your site once in a while.
    I liked this one. It was dark and simple and satisfied the emotional desire I’ve been trying to locate. Thank you

  2. It was a pleasure to visit your blog mea belladonna. Thanks for bothering to visit. Glad you like the poem, I’m not one for love poems, it’s not an emotion granted to me so I write what I feel, which is dark melancholy feelings.
    The Lonely Recluse.

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