3a.m. Funeral (part 2)

Here’s part two for the story started off in the post 3a.m. Just a warning, the story is actually going to be a six parter. As promised there is now a page that has the whole story in.

“Damn it Rabbie, what do you want?”

I said as soon as I saw the scruffy 5 foot 4 Scotsman. I was pissed off, it was 20 past 3 in the morning and it had started raining when I left the house. I was tired and I was soaking so I think I had a good enough reason for being pissed off.

“Fael, I’m in some real deep crap. I need your help man. I was walking home from the pub and some bloke started following me across the field. Man I was drunk and scared so I turned round and cracked him one over the head with a bottle, he just collapsed, I checked his pulse and he didn’t have one, he’s stone dead man.”

“So? Call the damn police Rabbie, why did you phone me?”

“I can’t call the police Fael, I’d go to jail and fail my med course, and I’d never be a GP. You’re doing a forensics course aren’t you; you know how to hide a body so it won’t be found. Please help me Fael, I’ll owe you big time man, I’ll even put in a good word with Faith for you.”

The beautiful Faith, I’d been infatuated with her since year 9 yet she never seemed to care for me, Rabbie’s sister dated Faith’s brother so he and her knew each other pretty well so I knew he could do it for me. Rabbie knew he had me hooked and just grabbed my arm and pulled me towards a copse of trees, and right to the body.

“Bloody hell Rabbie!” I said as I saw the corpse “You’re damn right we can’t go to the police. You know who this is?” Rabbie shook his head. “This is Kael of the Ultan.”

The Ultan were an ex-IRA paramilitary group who didn’t put down their arms with the rest of the IRA. Kael was their best hit man.

“You mean The Kael of The Ultan, the most wanted man in the UK?” Rabbie said like an idiot. “No I mean Kael the childminder. Of course I mean The Kael you Muppet! Right calm head Fael keep calm, what we need to do is dig a proper grave, 6 foot deep, that way he definitely won’t be dug up by accident. Put your jacket on the grass.”

“What, why? I like this jacket.”

“Because 1, I don’t have a jacket and 2, this is your bloody mess I’m cleaning up. I’m going to put the soil onto your jacket so that it doesn’t leave a tell tale mark on the grass.” I snapped at him. With that he quickly took off his jacket and put it down on the ground. I carefully cut a patch of grass away so I could hide the hole when we were done and began digging a grave for a 3a.m. funeral.

Hope you enjoy, please comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on January 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “3a.m. Funeral (part 2)”

  1. Oh look, it’s me. =P

    I like it. It’s really interesting and descriptive. The dialog is believable and very nicely written. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  2. You get met properly in the next part 🙂
    Glad you like it and that it intrests you. I’m happy that you find the dialog believable as I thought I’d gone a bit over board with it. Not sure when part 3 will appear, next sunday hopefully.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  3. you have lovely imaginations..
    well penned story…
    keep it up.

    Happy Sunday!

    Hope to see you at potluck poetry tonight, week 18 theme: language, signs, and symbols…

  4. I liked it whimsical nature. The iambs are sharp. I only wish the Bard could have read it. His reaction would be interesting.

    • Thanks a lot, but I think you’ve commented onthe wrong post, from the bard comment I’m guessing you meant to post this on “Insanity A Sonnet” as it’s the only poem I’ve written that could be to do with the bard, it is also the only iambic poem I’ve written (none of the others have pairs). But either way thank you. It would be interesting to see what Shakespeare made of it, he’d probably call it a load of rubbish, and not a true sonnet due to the rhyme sceme, but oh well, glad you liked it.
      The Lonely Recluse.

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