3a.m. Funeral, part 5 – The Ultan.

And now for the penultimate part of Fael’s tale (everyone cheers that the end is in sight and the story shall stop dragging on as it has for the past 5 weeks). As ever the full story (minus part 6) is on the 3a.m. Funeral page (just look to the right)

“I opened my door and then you grabbed me. And the rest you know.” Fael said to the leader of the Ultan. He was drinking Fael’s coffee, sat in Fael’s chair in Fael’s kitchen, and he had a big knife in his lap.

“It’s a good story lad, and a true one at that. The girl’s right y’know, you would make a terrible liar. Sorry fer making ye miss yer date lad, I’d’ve come round fer our little chat another time, I hate getting in the way of love, but I did nay know ye were going to go on a date. But who knows, ye may still be able to make it after we finish here. Now please put yer right hand on the table lad.”

Fael obliged, he had little choice. “Now then lad, I like ye, but we can’t have people crossing the Ultan without any recompense, it’d be bad for our image y’see. Ye’re lucky yer mate is Scottish otherwise I’d’ve been much harsher with ye fer betraying yer country to the English scum.”With that he picked up his knife and rammed it into Fael’s ring finger, severing it at the knuckle. He then grabbed Fael’s hand and put the bloody stump onto the hot stove, cauterising the wound almost instantly.

“Sorry fer that lad, but needs must y’see. At least ye’ve still got the rest of yer hand, unlike Rabbie will soon. Goodbye lad, and good luck with yer woman.” With that he got up, drained the last of his coffee and walked out, he even kept Fael’s severed finger. Throughout it all Fael just stared at the gap that was his ring finger not long before.

Hope you enjoy, please comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on February 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “3a.m. Funeral, part 5 – The Ultan.”

  1. Whoa. That was unexpected. I don’t like gore so I liked how you did that, it wasn’t extremely sickening. And Faith sounds very pretty =)

    • I’m glad it surprised you, I’ve kinda had it in mind since about part 2/3 and couldn’t wait to see people’s reactions. I’m relieved it was not too gory or sickening. I’m also pleased that Faith’s namesake is pleased with Faith. Thank you for your kind words.
      The Lonely Recluse.

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