The Rise of Shadows, part 1 – Man of Fire.

I know I said I’d write the prose behind night heart, but that has to wait for a friend to do me a favour first, so here is the prose to fill the time, it is called rise of shadows and I wrote it for my year 10 GCSE coursework, so apologies for the younger writing compared to 3a.m. Funeral’s prose. Again its a 6 parter so the story so far will be in the “Rise of Shadows” page.

Uhtred was a tall lad with broad shoulders, eyes as green as emeralds, and long hair as brown as the earth that we live on. He lived in the port of Stromberg in the land of Gorlan. He was bored of doing the same old thing day in day out every day for the past ten years of the twenty that the fates had been weaving his threads into the tapestry of life; get up, get washed, get dressed, go to the ship yard, help build a ship or two, go home, eat dinner, go to bed, again and again every day of his life. Then one day he heard a man shouting offerings of a voyage to an island where adventure was certain and a large chance of becoming rich, richer than the richest man in Stromberg nay richer than the gods. Upon hearing the man Uhtred dropped his tools, ran home, picked up his old rusty falchion, his battered buckler shield, his old helm with its nasal guard that was too small, his bow and a quiver of arrows, a purse of coins with about five silver picas in, money he had been saving since he started working and a few other things.

When he arrived back at the docks the man was still there. Uhtred wandered up to him and asked “Were you the man offering adventure and riches?”

          “Aye mate an’ I can promise ye the adventure but not the money. It be ten copper picas to join the trip both ways an’ any thin’ ye find ye keep. What be ye name lad?” was the sailors reply.

          “My name is Uhtred. And yours good sir?”

          “Alfred be me name. I’m sure we’ll be blessed by the fates with ye bein’ on this ‘ere trip.” After this exchange they shook hands, Uhtred handed the ten copper picas over and they boarded the boat.

There were about twenty men aboard including Uhtred. All of them big strong men, all equipped with at least a dagger and a leather jacket. Uhtred was the best equipped person onboard except one. This one man had full plate armour and a brand new wyax, a big double-headed axe made for cutting through a man’s skull in one life ending stroke.

The journey was uneventful. Uhtred spent his time making friends with Adamaska, the man with the plate armour and wyax. It turned out he used to be a lord in lands far north and east of Gorlan, a land of ice and snow called Niflheim. In Niflheim he had been robbed and stripped of his lordship. He had embarked on this adventure to regain his lost riches and to find those who had robbed him and to take his revenge. The last of his money he informed Uhtred was spent on his armour and his wyax. Uhtred was outraged “That ain’t fair!” was his exclaimed reply to this information.

          “Aye and nor is life Uhtred. But as the Ancient Tongue proclaims on the twin alters of life and death ‘Wyrd bið ful ãræd.'”


          “‘Wyrd bið ful ãræd.’ It means Uhtred that fate is inexorable.”

Then, after about a month at sea, land came into sight. “It be Deorc Ealond cap’n” shouted the man on watch.

          “We’ll be there in ’bout an hour lads. So get your stuff ready an’ we’ll soon be off this damned boat” bellowed the captain. Suddenly a great shock-wave hit the boat which almost sank it. Then just when the last sigh of relief had been sighed a tidal wave hit the boat and sank it. Everyone fell into the sea and the boat was obliterated.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on February 20, 2011.

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