The Rise of Shadows part 2 – Wulf of Water.

Ok heres part 2 of 6 for the rise of shadows series. If you want to read the full story so far then just visit the rise of shadows page.

When he woke up Uhtred was on a beach, his falchion had shattered on a rock, and the shards were now spread across the beach. In anger and frustration Uhtred threw the remnants of the falchion as far as he could across the beach. His bow had snapped and his arrows lost to the sea. Only his hunting knife and shield were intact.

          “Brilliant” Uhtred shouted to no-one in particular “Now what do I fight with!?” As Uhtred said this, a big burly man, only dressed in ripped shorts carrying a hand-and-a-half sword, screaming his head off in a berserk rage, charged at Uhtred. Uhtred quickly pulled his shield over him. Moments later he felt the bone shuddering slam of sword on shield. His enemy off balance, Uhtred sprang up and smashed the rim of his shield into his adversary’s face. His shield arm numb and the insane anger in the berserker intensified by the blood pouring from his nose made Uhtred sadly aware he could not last long. Then suddenly Uhtred’s foe dropped to the floor. Dead. Blood was gushing from a wound in his neck. Behind his corpse stood a wolf.

          “N-n-n-nice M-Mr W-Wolf p-p-please d-don’t e-eat m-m-m-me,” was all Uhtred could stammer through his blood-freezing fear.

          “Please, Mr Wolf was my father, until he mysteriously vanished. Call me Beowulf. And Uhtred if I was going to eat you then you would be dead by now and man flesh tastes rancid anyway. And the least you could do is thank me for killing him,” the wolf, Beowulf, said calmly as if talking to people on the edge of a mental breakdown was a normal part of the day.

          “S-sorry about that and thank you for killing him. Anyway how can a common wolf like you speak the language of men?” Uhtred questioned, gaining confidence with every word.

          “How dare you call ME a common wolf!?” Beowulf snarled, his eyes sparking red with rage, “I am no wolf, I am a wulf, a familiar, a familiar the gods decided to ordain to you. But if you plan on treating me with such scorn then I will eat you, no matter how rancid you taste! And for your information the language we speak is nothing but the common tongue used by all to speak to other races.”

          “I’m so sorry Beowulf, it won’t happen again.” After this little discussion Uhtred took the dead man’s sword. It was perfectly balanced and brand new; its pommel was made of a strange stone resembling a ruby. Uhtred and Beowulf ran off the beach and cautiously entered the forest

After walking for a couple of hours they stumbled across a clearing with a pool in the middle. A voice called to them “Stranger this clearing is sacred to and owned by Aksamada, the Lord of this island, king of the necromancers and master of the elements. The payment for entering this place is your life. If you put up a fight I have a hundred well trained men and you are one.”

          “How come they cannot see you Beowulf? Are they blind?” Uhtred asked Beowulf quietly.

          “Because Uhtred I have no wish of showing myself to such ignorant people. Now tell them you may be one but you can call up a powerful spirit in the form of a wulf. Then fight.” Uhtred did as he was told and when he said about the wulf spirit the men laughed and called out insults to Uhtred, telling him that he was no mage let alone one powerful enough to call up a wulf spirit. Uhtred cursed the first man with the worst curse he could think of, shouting out “Erif snam!” The man instantly burst into flames. Uhtred then strapped on his shield and drew his hand-and-a-half sword. The next man to fall was torn apart by Beowulf, who was now visible to Uhtred’s enemies. Then Uhtred decapitated another. It carried on like this for well over an hour but then there were no foes left. It was dark by the time they had finished their gory work and checked the corpses for anything valuable. Uhtred found a new shield, another buckler, and around twenty gold picas.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

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