The Rise of Shadows part 3 – Sceadugenga of Shadows

And here is our half way point in our Rise of Shadows series, as ever if you want to read the full story so far then feel free to visit the Rise of shadows page where the most up-to-date version of the story should be.

Suddenly a voice said from all around Uhtred but at the same time from nowhere “Well done to you man-of-fire and wulf-of-water,” at this Uhtred brandished his sword in front of him. “There is no need for that man of fire but just in case you try to hurt me with that sword ‘drows flah-a-dna-dnah em ot emoc,‘” at this Uhtred’s sword flew from his hand and into the shadows. “Now will you please listen to me man-of-fire and wulf-of-water? I am Scedu, shadow mage of the shadow race, the Scedugenga and therefore Scedugenga-of-shadows. I congratulate you and offer my services. I have no true form so cannot show myself to you but I can change to any form that you wish.”

          “Careful with your decision boy, Scedugenga or shadow walkers are a tricky race to be certain of their loyalty” Beowulf whispered

          “Yes wulf I know that from the old legends but we need all the help we can get. Lord Scedu we shall be honoured if you join us.” And that night they slept in the forest under Scedu’s protection.

The next day they headed west. According to Scedu they needed to find an elf of air and a wizard of light and sadly a dwarf of earth so the tyranny of Aksamada could be ended.

So they were going far to the west, to Gomrath, the city made from the living trees by elves and then north to Brisingamen, the palace of light, the home of the wizards, and finally north east to Bebbanburg the diamond citadel of the dwarven folk in the mountains of Beorg. The territory they would pass through was a land of thieves and outlaws, so even Beowulf was slightly pleased of the company of Scedu.

Half way to Gomrath the way was barred by a group of crazy outlaws. Just as Uhtred and Beowulf were about to attack Scedu said “Stop, let me prove my worth.” Uhtred and Beowulf obeyed. Scedu whispered “Udecs sagnegudecs” As the words came out of his mouth shadows seemed to rise around the outlaws. After a minute or so the shadows fell to the ground and nothing was there.

          “How did you do that and where are those outlaws?” Uhtred gasped.

          “The shadows have swallowed the men and I did it by saying shadow walker’s shadow in the elemental tongue like when you burnt the man with ‘Erif snam’ or man’s fire in the common tongue or for you Beowulf by saying ‘Retaw sfluw’ or wulf’s water in the common tongue. Only your element will obey you but no others, now a mage can do other things by saying what he or she wants in the elemental tongue like when I took your hand-and-a-half sword in the woods Uhtred. You might have heard of this manipulation of the elements and other things being called magyk for that is what these things are. Uhtred make a fire with magyk and Beowulf put water into this pot, also with magyk.”

          After practicing every meal in the same way both Uhtred and Beowulf were good at manipulating their own element to do their bidding.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 6, 2011.

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