The Rise of Shadows part 4 – Elf of Air

And here is part 4 of the Rise of shadows series, as ever the story so far is in full on the rise of shadows page.

The rest of the journey to Gomrath was uneventful. When they arrived at the tree city they had to, violently, persuade the guards to take them to Ænlic, the elf Scedu reckoned had power over air.

          When they arrived Scedu announced them to Ænlic by saying “Ænlic, lady elf-of-air, may I present Uhtred, man-of-fire, Beowulf, wulf-of-water and myself Scedu, shadow mage of the shadow race, the Scedugenga and therefore scedugenga-of-shadows.”

          “I thank you Lord Scedu for your grand speech and ask what service a humble elf such as myself can be to you?” Her voice was the purest music that ever was; her skin was like the finest silk and her movements fluid as water. To Uhtred she was perfect, the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and he fell instantly and helplessly in love with her.

          “My lady, as I am sure you have guessed, I know you are an elf-of-air and we are trying to overthrow the tyranny of Aksamada and need to join the six elements, we have a man-of-fire, a wulf-of-water and a scedugenga-of-shadow, so we need you an elf-of-air, a wizard-of-light and sadly a dwarf-of-earth, how repulsive the little beasts are, to accomplish our quest.”

          “I shall join you Lord Scedu even is one of the hwon-esne, the little-people, has to come along, for I am also sick to death with Aksamada’s tyranny. I did know I was a manipulator of air and my trigger is ‘Ria sevle‘.” With this a potted plant was blasted off the windowsill.

The road to Brisingamen was a long and perilous one but also one that had to be taken so Scedu transformed into an eight-legged horse, told Uhtred and Ænlic to hop on and rode like the north wind, towards Brisingamen he rode with Beowulf pacing him with every step.

When they were near Brisingamen, a blur flew towards Uhtred and Ænlic. Uhtred felt a blast of air smelling like old blood and rotting flesh, he turned around to check on Ænlic but she was not there.

          “Stop!” Uhtred shouted.

          “What?” questioned the horse-shaped Scedu.

          “Stop he said and I agree. I can smell vukodlak.” growled Beowulf.

          “What a nosferatu, a vampire? But they are only legends!” Uhtred said.

          “Nosferatu, yes. Vampire, no. This is far worse than a vampire; this is a vampyre, an elfin vampire. Vampyr are stronger, quicker and cleverer than a normal vampire. Also they are immune to sunlight and can manipulate blood but still need to bite their victims. And I bet you used to think that scedugenga were legends but they’re not and neither are vampires or vampyr.” was Scedu’s reply to this.

          “Just turn round and help her Scedu” Uhtred said exaperatly. He could not be bothered with this anymore.

          “Doolb sutarefson” The vampyre whispered at a pair of holes in Ænlic’s throat and two small jets of blood started to float out of the puncture marks. Before any could get to the vampyre’s open mouth Ænlic uttered

Ria sevle” At this utterance the vampyre was blasted away and the blood went back into her open neck as his magyk was severed. As the vile beast was about to speak Scedu said

          “Evom ton od, ecnelis” the vampyre froze, as if paralyzed. Scedu told Uhtred to burn it so Uhtred muttered “Erif snam” And the vampyre was consumed by the ravenous flames and not even ashes remained of it. After bandaging Ænlic’s wounded neck they carried on swiftly.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

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