The Rise of Shadows part 5 – Wizard of Light

Before we go on to the story, I’d like to ask you if it is alright if we postpone Night heart till the next series, as I thought you may want a break from fantasy, if you don’t mind (or don’t answer) then I’ll do a 4 part murder mystery that I thought up (again unless you ask for a different genre). Seriously answer my questions and I will listen to you and your opinions as it is minimal fuss to me, if anything I’ll enjoy writing a different genre for a while (sorry I don’t do romances [or comedies]). And without futher ado here is the penultimate part of the Rise of Shadows series.

On arriving at the wizards’ palace of Brisingamen the party was stopped by a wizard guard.

          “What does a mage of shadows want in a palace of light mages?” the guard challenged.

          “We seek Cadellin wizard-of-light. Is he here?” was Scedu’s reply

          “Maybe he is. Maybe he is not. Maybe the dew falls. Maybe the dew grows. But a magpie does fly by, one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy. Maybe he is.”

          “Speak plainly wizard or speak not at all!” growled an annoyed Beowulf

          “Ok master familiar. Unfortunately Cadellin is here and so is his damned magpie. Shall I show you to him?” replied the wizard seemingly protecting his throat with his hands.

Cadellin’s room was sparsely furnished, a few oak chairs, a birch table, a willow bed, a maple staff holder and an ash bird perch with the largest and most beautiful magpie you have ever seen perched on it. The magpie had tail feathers the length of your arm, the black feathers blacker than pitch but the white ones whiter than snow. The most enthralling part of the bird were its eyes, they seemed deeper than the sea and more intelligent than those of any man. Cadellin looked almost the same as the bird, only the magpie feathers he had were sewn on a cloak, not real like those of the bird. His eyes had the same drowning property as the birds. If you looked into those eyes for too long you could fall into them and not climb back out.

          “And what can I do for a young man-of-fire, a strong wulf-of-water, a beautiful elf-of-air and you Scedu, shadow mage of the shadow race, the Scedugenga and scedugenga-of-shadows? No wait let me guess, you want me to come with you collect a dwarf-of-earth along the way to Ymir to stop Aksamada’s tyranny. Am I right?”

          “Yes Cadellin correct as usual. So what do you say yay or nay?” Scedu said in a voice filled with scorn.

          “Yay whole heartedly and Dryw my magpie familiar shall come also. Won’t you Dryw?” Cadellin exclaimed

          “Wyrd bið ful ãræd,” was Dryw’s reply. Wyrd bið ful ãræd now where have I heard that before? Uhtred pondered.

On leaving Brisingamen the strange company headed north east to the mountains of Beorg and the dwarven citadels buried deep within the rock of which Bebbanburg was the capital.

After a couple of days the road was blocked by a land slide. Atop of the boulders was a group of svarts, small black humanoid creatures with skin like leather, a hatred of light and only greed and hate for emotions.

          “Svarts move or feel the consequences!” Cadellin bellowed.

          “Him kill, wizard stupid, all knows he like us to talks.”

          “O.k. you asked for it.” Then Cadellin mumbled “thgil sdraziw” A blinding flash of light came from the center of the svarts and then only the boulders remained

          “I will take care of this,” said Beowulf “retaw sfluw” with the incantations power a great mass of water came and washed the boulders away.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 20, 2011.

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