The Rise of Shadows part 6 – Dwarf of Earth

Now heres the final part and part 6 of the Rise of Shadows series, and if you want to read the full story then you can on the Rise of Shadows page.

When they were in a copse of trees at the bottom of the Beorg they heard a gruff, gravelly voice call out “It be a strange party made of a human, a wulf, a wizard, a scedugenga and an elf.” The last two the voice spat with contempt. “What be yer business ’round ‘ere?”

          “Show yourself dwarf or I shall hunt you and make your entrails my dinner.” Beowulf snarled.

          “Aye an’ if ye tried that I’d make yer entrails yer extrails master wulf. But I’ll show meself anyhow.” and with this a dwarf, tall for his species, with a long plaited beard and long plaited hair, all chestnut brown, carrying a big two sided battle axe jumped out of the undergrowth in full chainmail.

          “Master dwarf-of-earth and wielder of ‘htrae sevrawd’ we greet you and agree that we are a strange party but these are strange times. We came this way to find the dwarf-of-earth and wielder of ‘htrae sevrawd’ being yourself so we could overthrow the tyranny of Aksamada. Will you join us and fight for good or not?” Cadellin answered

          “Wizard if I declined and let the fate of this island be in the hands of an elf and a scedugenga then I would be a disgrace to my family and clan and aye I can wield ‘htrae sevrawd‘.”

          “My name is Cadellin master dwarf the man is Uhtred, the wulf is Beowulf, the elf is Ænlic and the scedugenga is called Scedu. What is your name master dwarf?”

          “My name master wizard is Gungnir.” was Gungnir’s reply.

And so the elementals were gathered and they went to stop the tyranny of Aksamada. Little did they know they would have to stop his plot to take over the whole world and enslave its peoples. And so the shadows rise and grow in Ymir, at the worlds end.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 27, 2011.

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