A quick warning and a question.


Hi all.

Just to say that from Tuesday 5th till Saturday 16th I won’t have access to a computer, so although posts will still come, I won’t be able to reply to any comments till then. Please don’t let this put you off commenting, I’ll still read and reply to them all, it’ll just be a bit delayed.

Also I’ve decided to have a three week break (at least) from posting prose (mainly because I’m too lazy to type up what I’ve written, also because no one seems to read it). If you want me to post prose I will, also if you want me to stop posting prose totally, I will, but I need to know either way, so please leave your opinion as a comment below.

The Lonely Recluse.


~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “A quick warning and a question.”

  1. OK, thanks for the heads up about your temporary lack of computer access coming up.

    It could be that this poetry group we’ve both become a part of wants mainly to focus on poems and not prose and that’s why you’re not getting your stories read. My stories don’t get read much either. So my concentration has been on poetry writing although I had never really written poems until I joined Jingle’s group. Perhaps there are prose writing venues that you could become a part of, thus getting your stories read and commented on.

    I don’t feel comfortable telling you not to post your prose. I think you should if you feel like it–or not.

    Gayle ~

    • Thanks for the idea, I’ll have to look for a prose writing group. My view on if I should post prose or not is totally dependent upon the people who visit. I write to entertain, both myself and others. If people don’t read it, it’s not entertaining them, therefore its wasting space. But if people are reading them then it is possibly entertaining them and not wasting space. So it is your place to advise me if you wish to, being one of my subscribers (thanks for that by the way). I write this blog for the readers, ergo the readers’ choice of what I can offer is what I’ll give.
      The Lonely Recluse.

  2. Please don’t stop posting. I’m just back from a longish spell where I suffered lousybastarditis from my computer! Just got him fixed recently so am just catching up with my stuff, too. My blog comments are mostly just equal respect and I’m the one who initiates the visits. Not a lot have me on top of their blogrolls – believe me! I do try to reply to everyone that visits me. Even if I got no reply’s I’d still blog. Escapism. Pure and simple (yup – that’s me!). See you, soon! Hope you’ve had a nice break!

    • I won’t stop posting totally unless the muses flee from me. I was only asking if I should bother posting my prose, I’m going to be writing it either way, but if no one reads it then there is no point me typing it up onto my pc. Thank you for the good wishes, the break was awesome, hopefully some poetry will compose itself from the experience.
      The Lonely Recluse.

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