A bit of a creepy piece this week. If you are of a faint disposition don’t read it, if you are not, or are going to ignore my warning then please have fun.


All beginnings start with an end, just as all ends cause a beginning. So too shall this tale start with an end, the ultimate end. Death.

He was dead. Stone cold dead. No one who had lost that much blood could be anything else. The fatal wound looked nothing more than a paper cut, but in fact it was left from a sword that passed between his ribs and through his heart. As I said he was dead. But the blood started to move. Not flow like a normal liquid. Move. Move with all the purpose of a living creature. The blood congealed into a crimson cloak fastened at the corpse’s throat with a broach the colour of an old clot. The corpse moved. It lifted its head and stared with cold, lifeless eyes. It stared at its surroundings, a stereotypical alley. It stared at itself. A pale, lifeless husk filled with vengeance. It stared at its name. Revenant. The revenant stood. It started walking, seemingly at random, yet always in the same basic direction. Like a cockroach running aimlessly from light, the revenant walked to the source of its wrath. Its killer, its maker.

Oblivious, the killer drank and gloated and drank some more. The revenant kept picking up speed as it drew closer to its killer, its prey. It kept picking up speed until it nearly ran through the doors of its killers hide. The killer turned and froze with the cold dread of one who sees their own death.

“I have become Death, your death.” The low sonorous tone of the words fell with the sound of the funeral bell tolling. They came from the revenant’s mouth yet they seemed to skip the air between it and the killer. The revenant lurched to the killer and grabbed his throat. It grabbed his throat with hands of ice. With a grip of stone. The vicelike grasp tightened till there was a loud crack. The two corpses fell together, dead. The end. A beginning?


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on July 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “Revenant”

  1. I could visualise a film with those lines. Great work!

  2. Clarice is right, this is total short film material. It’s so very visual.

    • I’m very visually minded, my whole mind is bound by visuals, so I’m joyous to hear it has leaked across into my writing. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for your kind words.
      The Lonely Recluse.

  3. Your words are so heart touching. You have become my inspiration.

    • I’m glad my words could move you so. To hear such words as being called an inspiration is truly a great encouragement, something I dearly need, so thank you so much for writing them.
      The Lonely Recluse.

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