Death, Doom, Destruction

I don’t know about you but all I think I ever hear on the news is something not too dissimilar to this poem.


Death, Doom, Destruction


A man is stabbed to death

For naught but his left shoe

Killer’s on crystal meth

Cops’ didn’t have a clue.


Death, Doom, Destruction


The world is gonna end

Or so says some odd bloke

In a book he just penned

Wonder what’s in his smoke


Death, Doom, Destruction


Yet another bomb sent

To an innocent town

For them it was not meant

Says the nation’s top clown


Death, Doom, Destruction


And in other news here’s a puppy.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on August 3, 2011.

12 Responses to “Death, Doom, Destruction”

  1. Thank God for the puppy 🙂

  2. Like!
    Reading this one makes me feel like I’m reading my old Literature textbook.
    I love the flow on each of your poems as well! Your pieces are easy to read and they don’t bore. 🙂
    Btw, found you through Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe. 🙂

    • I never enjoyed Lit, so whether to take that as an insult or compliment is questionable in my mind. Thank you so very much for words of such high praise, I’m sure I don’t deserve it. I’m truly glad you enjoy my poetry so much.
      The Lonely Recluse.

  3. Interesting topic and a great way to approach it. Very good use of rhyme also.

    Here is my entry:

  4. a puppy is involved, wow, amazing one.

  5. i like the last stanza best

    Orion’s Armament

  6. sad, powerful,

    Glad to see you share.

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