The History Of Iund – Part 1

Another (three part) series for you now. It’s a set of myths for a world I made up. I’ve tried to string them together in a similar way to how the Prose Edda is written.


A note on pronunciation – The letter Đ/ð (eth) is
pronounced as th (e.g. The), the letter Þ/þ is pronounced th (e.g. thin), if
the letter X is unpronounceable as x then it should be pronounced z (e.g.
Xerxes is said zerkzes). So for example Mxuþæj would be pronounced umzuthaej.


The History of Iund.


There was once a man called Arjemi, for he was
thought to have no wisdom. He sought knowledge in all things yet never learnt
from anything. Arjemi became angry at his lot in life and cursed Ci Æri for
creating him; he then cursed Ci Mxerery Teyxl for bringing him to the world, Ci
Tæritg Niðtami for deciding his time and Ci Yniul Mxuþæj for not taking him.
During his rage Arjemi fell to the ground, as if dead.

When Arjemi awoke he was in a great hall with
three daises forming stairs, one above the next. On the top dais there was a
great throne with a great being sat in it. On the second dais there were two
beings either side of the great throne. On the right of the throne stood a
being clad in light, and on the left of the throne there was a being clad in
shadow. On the third step there was another being. He was in line with the
throne yet kneeling away from the throne. He was cloaked in a great hooded cape
and he wore a black mask with silver lines spreading randomly across the mask.

“You curse the name of Ci Æri and his arbiters
for your foolishness, yet you show it in your actions. Small wonder you are
called Arjemi.” Spoke the masked one.

“You seek for knowledge, yet you curse Ci Æri
and his arbiters for a lack of wisdom, little surprise you are called Arjemi.”
Spoke the one clad in shadow.

“You Search for everything in nothing and curse
Ci Æri and his arbiters when you find nothing there, surely you should be
called Arjemi.” Spoke the one clad in light.

“You shall be taught both knowledge and wisdom
when you call us by our names.” Spoke the enthroned one.

“My lords, I may not know your names yet but
let me ask questions to find the knowledge and wisdom to find them.” Arjemi
replied to these accusations. The one thing he had learnt was how to use his
tongue to please great folk.

“You may ask your questions and become Tuinriþ
instead of Arjemi.”

So Arjemi thought of the biggest question he
could, so that he could prove to these great lords that he was no fool.

“Tell me the history of Iund, of the worlds and
of all things.” Was his best attempt.

“You show your foolishness in asking such a
vague question, I could tell you any part of the history and be correct, even
if I told you yesterday’s events in the life of a farmer,” was the enthroned
one’s response “be more specific and I will answer.”

“Tell me the beginning of all things then. How
were all things created?”

“That is easy, here is your answer:


At the start there was Ci Æri. Ci Æri inhabited the
void. Ci Æri spoke into the void and the void listened. Ci
spoke Mlunm and the stars became. Ci Æri spoke Jæntþm and the
worlds became. Ci Æri spoke the true names for all things and all things
became. He spoke the name for all races, all beings, all plants and all animals
and they became. Although Ci Æri could rule all as Ci Æri willed Ci
spoke the names of the arbiters, those whose names held no power, yet had power
over all names.

Ci Æri named Life, Ci Mxerery Teyxl, and Life
became, Life arbitrated the start of all things, both divine and mortal. He led
them to the worlds, and he kept the worlds from emptying. Ci Æri named Fate, Ci
Tæritg Niðtami, and Fate became, Fate arbitrated the life of all things, both
divine and mortal. He chose when life started and when life ended. Ci Æri named Death, Ci
Yniul Mxuþæj, and Death became, Death arbitrated the end of all creatures, both
divine and mortal. He led them to Ci Æri for the final judgement and he kept the worlds from
filling. Only Ci Æri was exempt from the arbitrations of Ci
Mxerery Teyxl, Ci Tæritg Niðtami and Ci Yniul Mxuþæj for Ci Æri had no life fate or
death, for Ci Æri is beyond such things.

Yniul Mxuþæj grew to resent Ci Tæritg Niðtami for his power over the time of
the end. He complained to Ci Æri that too few were dying and the worlds were
growing too populous. Ci Æri listened to Ci Yniul Mxuþæj and spoke that there
would be a great quota for those to die and it became. Ci Æri spoke a great
scourge on the worlds to fill the quota, and it became. Ever after Ci Yniul
Mxuþæj and Ci Tæritg Niðtami have been at war.

the great scourge there were some who died but were made to live. They called
themselves Đxetþir Æz Ci Yniul Mxuþæj and Mxuþæj Ver for they were the children
and kin of Death. Ci Æri called them Mxuþæj Jutvin for they walked in the
shadows, but the other races feared them and called the Sceadugengan.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

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