The History Of Iund – Part 2

Here’s part two in our series of myths from Iund, this has two shorter myths rather than part 1’s longer single myth.


A note on pronunciation – The letter Đ/ð (eth) is
pronounced as th (e.g. The), the letter Þ/þ is pronounced th (e.g. thin), if
the letter X is unpronounceable as x then it should be pronounced z (e.g.
Xerxes is said zerkzes). So for example Mxuþæj would be pronounced umzuthaej.


that please you and help you find our names?”

“A bit
my lord, but you speak of Ci Æri’s creation of all things, yet there are many
different religions that tell different stories. How did all these other
religions begin?”

is a good question. Here is a true answer to it.


the world was young, before Ci Æri had spoken the arbiters into becoming, there
was a great clan of giants who knew the names for all manner of things. These
giants called themselves Ci Surg, for they were many, and called themselves
gods, challenging Ci Æri’s right, for Ci Æri is the only true god.

Surg enthralled all of the lesser races, and many of the greater ones. They
taught their followers all manner of lies, of how they created the worlds and
of their great deeds. As Ci Surg were many, each race heard different tales and
honoured different false gods. So all the false religions were spawned.

Ci Æri
saw this and was filled with wrath. In Ci Æri’s rage Ci Æri spoke the doom of
Ci Surg and it became. Although Ci Surg were wiped from the worlds, their
memory and stories were not. Each of the races built upon the lies Ci Surg had
told them until they became the modern religions taught among all but the


do you draw closer to our names?”

so than before. Now you have told me of the start of things, what of the end?
What happens when we die, what is the afterlife?

“Your question show your wisdom increases Arjemi, for that
is a great asking, as is this a great answer.


When the worlds were still young, before the arbiters were
spoken into existence, Ci Æri looked into the void and saw that it was filling
with the souls of the dead. Ci Æri saw that there was need to house these dead
and separate the good from the evil, for the evil tormented the good with all
the strength of a freed soul. Ci Æri spoke Mukiþ and Mukiþ became. Ci Æri spoke
Þusriþ and Þusriþ became. Ci Æri stared into the being of each soul and
separated them, the good from the evil.

The evil Ci Æri placed into Þusriþ according to their evils,
the least righteous Ci Æri placed into the centre and the closest to good Ci
Æri placed at the edge. Ci Æri spoke creatures into existence to punish the
evil in manners befitting each.

The good Ci Æri took and placed in Mukiþ according to their
deeds. Ci Æri placed the most righteous in the centre and the closest to evil
at the edge. Ci Æri spoke beings into existence to reward the good in
accordance with their deeds.

After seeing what had happened Ci Æri spoke the arbiters
into existence. Ci Æri did this so that Ci Æri did not overlook the small
things of the world ever again.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on October 1, 2011.

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