The History Of Iund – Part 3

The third and final part of our series of myths from Iund.


A note on pronunciation – The letter Đ/ð (eth) is
pronounced as th (e.g. The), the letter Þ/þ is pronounced th (e.g. thin), if
the letter X is unpronounceable as x then it should be pronounced z (e.g.
Xerxes is said zerkzes). So for example Mxuþæj would be pronounced umzuthaej.


Does that aid the growth of your knowledge Ærði Arjemi?”

“I come nearer to naming you my lord, I have but one
question left. What shall happen at the end of all things?”

“Now you ask a truly wise question Ærði Arjemi.


There will come a time when all the worlds will fall into
chaos and even Mukiþ shall be consumed. When this time comes Ci Æri shall speak
once more into the void. Ci Æri will speak Ci Ynurþ Næusin and The End shall
become. He shall be the final arbiter and shall be the most powerful. He will
be second only to Ci Æri. Ci Æri shall tell Ci Ynurþ Næusin that his time has
come, that all things are to end.

Ci Ynurþ Næusin shall stride forth and all things shall
recede before him. In his wake shall be the great nothingness, and behind that
the void shall flood to reclaim long lost space. Ci Ynurþ Næusin shall roam
across all things and all things shall end. Only Ci Æri shall be left at the
end of all things. Once Ci Ynurþ Næusin has roamed across all he shall stride
over himself and one more the void shall be empty.

Once this has come to pass Ci Æri shall rest. Once Ci Æri
has rested Ci Æri shall speak with words of becoming never before heard. And so
the cyclic nature of all things shall be kept for the end shall become a new


Have you now found the names of us?”

“Yes my Lord” so Ærði Arjemi as he went onto his knees. “My
Lord, you are Ci Æri, your companions are your arbiters: Ci Mxerery Teyxl clad
in light, Ci Yniul Mxuþæj clad in shadow and Ci Tæritg Niðtami on his own.”

“You have truly become Tuinriþ Ærði Arjemi now, for you have
named us correctly. Now go and teach the truth to all who thought you unwise
and foolish. Teach those you know and those you do not, so all folk may know
the truth.” Spoke Ci Æri. As he spoke the truth of many things became in
Tuinriþ Ærði Arjemi’s mind, especially the truth of the history of Iund, of the
worlds and of all things.

He went back to Iund and did as Ci Æri willed him to do. He
taught all those he met all they needed to know, yet never enough to make them
dangerous to Iund and the worlds.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on October 8, 2011.

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