Guest Post – World So Cold.

Hi, I’m Faith! Periodically on my blog I coerce other bloggers to do guest posts for my blog. Never before have I had to do one and now I’m wondering why those I’ve persuaded to do a guest post still like me…

I’m just teasing, though. Actually, even though it’s more difficult than I thought it would be it’s kind of fun. It’s a whole different audience! Yes, you lovely readers are my audience. I love you because you follow The Lonely Recluse and so do I. We’re together whether you knew it or not. (And whether you like it or not.)

Now let’s get to the point of this post. Because TLR is a really awesome person he won a contest on my very own blog. For his reward he chose to have me guest blog for him so here I am! Seeing how this is mostly a poetry/prose blog I have come prepared with a poem of my own.

This poem was written several weeks ago and then put away without being finished. A few days ago I pulled it out, dusted it off and finished it. This is the poem that I am posting for your enjoyment today. I do hope you like it.


World So Cold


I’ll tell you a story of a world so old

and all of the people who were terribly cold


Lives were lost,

they were frost

deep in the world we called home.


Wars were waged,

there was hate

way too deep in our souls.


Children starved,

paths were carved

that led to more despair.


Hope was shared

but we only stared

unsure of how to mend our ways.


But the die was cast

and we couldn’t go back

when the bombs began to lead the way.


Then hope was gone

and faith was lost

and no one was left to explain.


So this is a story of a world so old

and all of the people way too cold.


They wouldn’t change

couldn’t be made

and all was lost in the tide.


Now everything’s gone

and nothing is wrong

because there’s nothing left inside.


and hope was spared

because no one would share

and it abandoned the world like we abandoned our prayers.


That was the end of the world so old

and the people who were shamelessly cold.


If they would have cared

they wouldn’t have been snared

by the hate led them far away.


But alas the time was gone

and they were wrong,

about the choices so selfishly made.


This is the shadowy truth

about a world made desolate

by the choices made by the confused.


They wanted the best

called out that it was time to rest

no more work and no more pain.


But the change they called for

was what hurt the world

and made it a broken and shattered shell.


And this is what caused the whole mess

the people so horribly ruthless

that they never cared at all.


And the latter generations,

lived on shallow rations

until there was nothing for the hundreds left broken.


So this is goodbye to a world so old

and the people who were tragically cold.



Again, congratulations to The Lonely Recluse for winning without trying. And a thank you to all you wonderful readers.

Have a wonderful, word filled day.



~ by The Lonely Recluse on November 23, 2011.

One Response to “Guest Post – World So Cold.”

  1. Brilliant! You depicted the human nature so well. Share hope and faith. If we do that, the world will be a much better place to live in!

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