Story Cubes 1 – A Quest For Justice.

Before I start, may I just say Merry Christmas, Cool Yule, Happy Hanukkah, A Good Kwanzaa, and many glad tidings, no matter your faith (sorry if I’ve missed any festivals out). In the Christmas market the other day, I found a puzzle and game shop, and found a brilliant little toy for dispelling writer’s block. It’s called Rory’s Story Cubes.

They are a set of nine dice, each face of each die has a different picture, i.e. there are 54 different pictures. You roll all the dice and start  a story from whichever catches your eye first. You are supposed to start with “once upon a time”, but there are several other suggestions, as well as the fact you can start with your own starting anyway. I’m going to use these no matter what the result of the next question is, but I have a question for you. If I were to post the picture of the roll I used, would you use it to write your own story? Also would you want me to run it a bit like bluebell books, or the poets rally (not saying there’d be any winners, but at least your blog gets aired)? Any suggestions anyone?

Anyway I’m going to show you what happened with my first attempt of writing a story with these. In the picture, I’ve arranged the cubes in the order I used them. If you want to join in, you don’t have to use the same order, just go with the pictures your mind notices, in the order your mind chooses (sorry for the blur, my camera isn’t great).

Once upon a time in a desert land there was a quest for justice. There was a mighty beast stalking the land, it moved at night and pounced on its unsuspecting victims from their own shadows. The people of the land prayed to their gods for help and their gods sent a prophet. The prophet saw that the beast could only be stopped by one person, and that this person would be hidden from the light of day. The people searched everywhere until someone thought to look in the palace dungeons. There they found a scrawny youth; he had been imprisoned for burglary. The youth had no shadow, even when the sun shined on him; this meant the beast could not attack him. The people begged him for his help and finally he decided to help them. He watched for several nights waiting for the beast to appear. When finally he saw the creature he snuck up on it and poisoned it with a thin needle. The beast disappeared in a flash of light  and was never seen again.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

p.s. if you want more info about Rory’s Story Cubes, visit the official website –

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 24, 2011.

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