Twisting and turning.

A poem i just scribbled down without knowing where to go with it, I had the first line and that was it, this is what it turned into.


Twisting and turning

Branding and burning

Waxing and waning

Faking and feigning


And so turns the world

A beaker being whirled

All blended to fun

All together one.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.


~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Twisting and turning.”

  1. It was fluid. It’s a blend of everything into one, a mix and it did successfully combined to form one successful piece 🙂

  2. This became extremely visual as I read it. It definitely worked for me! Very nice!

    • I think that may be because I just let my thoughts coalesce to write it, I didn’t have a clue except for the first line, I just let it write instead of forming it, maybe that’s why it was a visual poem for you. I don’t know. Glad you enjoyed it.
      The Lonely Recluse.

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