Why Do I Write?

For the Teens Can Write Too blog chain.

Why do I write? hmm, that’s a good question, I’ll start from the start (minus the rubbish I had to write for English lessons).

I was having a text conversation with a friend at about 2am, can’t remember what about, but I ended up saying something about bottling my emotions up to cope with them, she suggested that I wrote a poem and I laughed saying that I wouldn’t be able to, so she challenged me to. Now a challenge is a challenge, so I of course sat there, looked for a piece of paper and a pen and tried to write a poem, ended up writing The Mask and The Lonely Recluse, the second giving me my pen name. I enjoyed it so kept writing poetry.

As for prose, I’ve always been a reader, so when I decided to write poetry, it was a natural decision to write prose as well, see if I could do anything like the authors I’ve always loved, which quite clearly I can’t.

But that is why I started to write, why I still write is simple, I love to write, both poetry and prose, even though I struggle to find time to write nowadays. If you’ve never tried to write, pick up a pen and paper, sit and try string a few verses together, you’ll get hooked.

And that is why I write.

The Lonely Recluse.

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~ by The Lonely Recluse on May 17, 2012.

13 Responses to “Why Do I Write?”

  1. Cool post! The way you started writing is interesting.

  2. Interesting… Challenges certainly do work wonders for us. Good post!

  3. Agreed – poetry is a good way of releasing bottled-up emotions! Though I’m using ‘poetry’ quite loosely… I tend to free-write and it comes out more like poetry than anything else, so I call it that 😀

  4. Nice post!
    It’s interesting how many writers respond well to challenges.
    I like your writing style.

  5. I am glad you took up the challenge. Continue sharing your flow of thoughts, spread the gift.

  6. Some people write because they enjoy the spotlight or they want to entertain. Others write out of nessecity. In my experience, these are the ones worth reading 🙂

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