A Deathly Waltz

Based upon the photo found here


The waltz drifted eerily across the grand hall. It struck up as the clock struck the thirteenth hour. It was a slow stately waltz played in minor chords. An unnatural mist started to rise from the cold dance floor as the two dancers appeared, one was Death in his stately attire, his skull grinning from under his hood. The other a noble woman who had given her heart to her loveless master. They met and waltzed around the floor slowly and elegantly, perfectly in time with the music. The clock struck one, the hour was gone and the apparitions faded.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on October 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Deathly Waltz”

  1. Loved the picture and the moodyness you conveyed in this piece. đŸ˜€

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