This is going to be another poem

Written for a friend.
This is going to be another poem about how awesome you are
If I can even find the words for my tongue to speak
I can’t remember how many times
Your name graced my leg, my arm, my collar
On the wings of butterflies
Keeping my skin in tact
My blood inside
My life together
Or how many times your words
So much more flowing than my own
Have stopped me
And showed me that I can matter
That I am not just invisible
As my mind said I was
You know me better than possibly anyone else
And yet we’ve never met
Only shared pixelated words
Over computers
That probably sounds crazy
And sad
But it’s true
And I don’t care how sad or crazy it is.
You’ve helped me so much,
Sod anyone who thinks internet friends aren’t any good
I just hope you know
As you listen to these words
They are true – I can’t be arsed lying to make things sound better
You’d notice soon enough that I was if that were the case
But these words are true
And from the experience of my being dragged through hell
(I can show you the scars if you want proof)
Things WILL get better
Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe five more years from now
Things WILL get better
The only time they won’t is if you die
Then you won’t see what God has planned for you
When things do get better.
As I usually say when I say stuff like this
I know it sounds like crap, but it’s not
I know.
This was originally hoped to be much more eloquent and pretty
But these are the words that are written anyway
Maybe I’ll try for the pretty elegant one later.
Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on November 11, 2014.

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