What Does it Matter

I’m not promising being able to do two poems a week for any length of time, but hopefully the added pressure actually forces creativity.
This is the third of the three poems written on a sleepless night (see the last two). We’ve moved from chaos to order, I’ve calmed down a lot at this point, and I can actually bring my issues to God. Admittedly that doesn’t seem to have given me answers, but it has given me hope.

What does it matter
Where I find myself
In the labyrinth of nights thinking
Wandering down ill lit paths
Chasing my own shadow
And running away
From that weirdo
Who seems determined
To catch my shadow

What does it matter
My confusion and contemplation
All the running in circles
Because I can’t speak my own language
And I’m scrambling for answers
Like a dog scrambles for its tail
Funny and sad
Without purpose
Without gain

What does it matter
In the face of You
When you have a plan
And a purpose
Even for me
Despite my obsession with running in circles
You know your answers
You know your plans
That’s good enough for me

What does it matter
Where I find myself
When You are with me
Carrying the light
Chasing away shadows
Embracing my weirdness
In the face of Your love
What does it matter
So long as I trust in You

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 4, 2019.

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