I was looking trough my folder of unposted prose and found this one. Something a bit daft for you.

*squeek* *squeek*
“What’s it saying?” He whispered
“That it will enjoy devouring your flesh almost as much as it will enjoy devouring your soul” She replied, backing away slowly
“but, it’s just a hamster”
The small rodent squeeked malevolently again. The hamster jumped straight towards his throat, only to be caught in the hamster ball she put in front of it. The hamster squeeked indignantly at her
“No Buttons, I am not going to release you.”
“No your name is not Blood Fang, Tormentor of Souls. It is Buttons. I paid £5 for you. I get to name you”
The hamster squeeked again
“No Buttons. The Guinea pig did not sell you out. No you cannot feast on his eternal soul. And NO your name is Buttons”
“You really shouldn’t have gone to that weird pet shop down that dark alley”
“Nah, there’s no fun in normal pets.”
“No fun?! The hamster tried to eat my soul. The cat is eyeing me up as if it wants my flesh for some reason I dread to imagine. Don’t even get me started on the ‘lizard’. I don’t even trust the guinea pig”
“You can’t be called Blood Fang Tormentor of Souls because I bought you, and I called you Buttons. Blood Fang is a stupid name. Hamsters don’t even have fangs”
“Of course Buttons is a much better name than Blood Fang. At least Buttons is more descriptive of you. You’re as cute as a button.”
The hamster burst into a long string of foul sounding squeeks
“How rude of you. You ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”
“How can you even understand that little monster?” He asked, looking worried
“Oh you know, I just picked it up along the way.” She replied, “And he’s not a monster. He just has small rodent syndrome. He’ll like you when he gets to know you, won’t you Buttons?”
“No you will not only like him once you’ve consumed his soul. You will like him as he is, or we will be having words.”

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 11, 2019.

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