UnHappy Consumermas

I have a love-hate relationship with Advent and Christmas. My job becomes chaos during the advent period, and people seem to lose all sense of how to behave decently, and all sense in general. The capitalist-consumerist rubbish that is thrown down everyone’s throats always annoys me, as it sucks the soul out of one of Christianity’s most important festivals, and sucks the souls out of everyone, as we rush to put ourselves into debt to buy presents that will be in landfill soon. As we spend time with people we can’t stand the rest of the year, and are surprised when we still can’t stand them. As we strive to have the “perfect” looking Christmas, while making ourselves feel so achingly inadequate. No wonder I hate this time of year.
But I love Advent, I love Christmas. What the world has turned into a time of despair, Christianity sees as a time of Hope. Advent is a time of hope, looking forward, child-like in anticipation, waiting to hear the midwife call “It’s a boy. His name is Jesus”, waiting to hear the call “The Lord is back”. Christmas is meant to be a day of hope, Messiah, the saviour has come, what could be more hopeful? No wonder I love this time of year, when our world is so starved of hope.

Plastic joy and sickly love
Tension headaches swept under carpets of booze and silly songs
Until booze and tension bubble over
The one day feast in a year-long fast
A day to dispel austerity and reinforce it tomorrow
As presents max cards, cause debts, build stress, dig depression…
To keep the cogs of capitalism turning, to help keep the world burning
UnHappy Consumermas to all
And your cash for the misers

While Babe in Crib in Barn in twee little scene
Gets lost and forgotten
But secretly, silently
Babe turns to Boy, Boy to Man
Declaring a world seen upside down
Joy which is real, love profound
Brother and sister, equality is sound
Debt is cancelled, chains are broken
The norms of the day where turned around

Let Consumermas be Christmas and feel the freedom
From insta-famous insta-lies of perfection
Because in heaven there are scars
Scars which cry perfection in brokenness, in equality, in love
Nail holes as warm as an embrace
From when God became one with our sorry race
And showed perfection carries a scarred human face
So Merry Christmas to all
And to all a blessed night

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
Merry Christmas
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on December 25, 2019.

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