Happy New Year + a Ramble

Happy New Year. I’m a bit later than I had hoped, and I haven’t written a poem like I’d hoped. A lot of personal stuff with family and friends has gotten in the way this year. One of my best friends ended up in hospital the other day, and then my dad ended up in hospital as well. Thankfully they’re both out, and Dad is definitely on the road to recovery.

Another year has passed under the bridge, I can’t work out if it’s been better or worse than previous years. Different I suppose, another year older, and uglier and more foolish.

It strikes me, when we say about time passing like water under a bridge, we seem to assume that we are the bridge, unchanging through the years – maybe a little more weather worn, but the same. Am I the same as I was 12 months ago, or three years, or ten? I’m not sure, there are times when I still feel like the young, naïve boy that I was then, still pretending that I’m more than I am more than I ever will be, but then so much has changed. So much time and stuff has gone under the bridge, am I still the same bridge, just more careworn and weather worn, or have I changed more than that? Have the things I have experienced and seen changed who I am?

Sorry for the minor, melancholy philosophy, hope it makes up for the lack of something more thought out. I hope you have a blessed New year

The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on January 1, 2020.

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