Left or Right

I will hold my hand up and admit this is from stash of old poetry that never found its way here, I’m trying to avoid posting old stuff (in part due to having to wade through and work out what’s what, but mainly to force me to write new stuff [sadly dissertation work got in the way for today]) but I’ll be honest when I do.

Seems like this is based off an age old conversation with one of my oldest friends, we used to walk together every school holiday. There were four walks we did, either going left or right (east or west) along a canal, or along a stretch of a long distance walk that runs through where I live. Sadly he’s moved on since, and it seems like we won’t walk these ways a thousand times more, but I won’t alter the poem for hope I’m wrong.

Left or right
Canal or trail
The questions that lead to adventure
Down long worn paths
Worn by our own boots
And others
Over the years
The same old debates
On different days
We’ve walked these ways
A thousand times or more
But still we walk
And adventure finds our talk
We’ve walked these ways
A thousand times or more
And we will still walk
A thousand times more

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on February 23, 2020.

2 Responses to “Left or Right”

  1. I liked your poem, it’s simple but captures an essence of long-standing friendship very well

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