This is from a prompt to describe something toxic. The “men don’t cry” piece of toxic masculinity is horrifically damaging. I know I bear the scars of it, and many a man has fared worse than I.

Men don’t cry
The age old lie
That all of us buy
Is causing us to die

This is sin
Killing our kin
Tearing through our skin
The change can we begin?

Men can cry
And stay a guy
Eyes need not stay dry
Let us let the lie die

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Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment,
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on March 6, 2020.

18 Responses to “Toxic”

  1. Yes, let us let the lie die… Indeed! Like this line a lot…

  2. I like the thought of the lie dying.

  3. The lie should die indeed, crying is cathartic and is the right of us all.

    • It is, and I wish that I hadn’t believed the lie when I was younger, there are times when tears would be healing, but my eyes don’t seem to know how. Thanks for the comment
      The Lonely Recluse

  4. I’ve been fortunate in my life to be surrounded by men not afraid to cry … strong but compassionate. An evocative poem.

  5. After all we all our humans with emotions.

  6. You are right about this one. Showing emotion is very manly! Great poem.

    • It’s funny that showing emotion is a courageous thing for guys to do, yet they get seen as weak for having the courage to be human. glad you enjoyed it
      The Lonely Recluse

  7. Yes, please, let us hear down the lie! Toxic lies are the gateway to so many physical issues!

  8. I have always wonder how I learned never to cry… These days I can only cry out of joy not in sorrow.

    • I cried a lot when I was little, and got complained at for crying a lot. Then when it came to times when I should have cried, the tears wouldn’t come any more. Thanks for the comment
      The Lonely Recluse

  9. Excellent.

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