A musing on how the Covid lockdown is affecting me. I ended up at a friend’s house, so all I have to do is cook, clean, garden, look after rabbits and study, while they do their frontline work.
I realised I lost a day today, time seems to have so little meaning at the moment, there is sunrise, I wake up, I study, I eat, I garden, I cook, I study some more, I read, I sleep, rinse, repeat. The routine doesn’t need names for days.
As an aside, I’ve ended up referencing Blake again, but it seemed to fit the poem so well.
Uploaded for DVerse OLN, go check it out https://dversepoets.com/2020/04/02/openlinknight-263/

The sun rises,
The sun sets,
But time stands

An oasis,
In the mist,
Of all the

Study time,
Digging time,
Time just stands

In the palm
Of our hand
We just hold

The sun rises,
The sun sets,
But time stands

I hope this poem finds you well in the chaos. Enjoy and please feel free to comment,
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on April 2, 2020.

9 Responses to “Timeless”

  1. That seems like peaceful quarantine. I’m stuck in Peru and waiting for the rescue planes to get us home this week

  2. I like the description of being in lock down due to this virus as time standing.

    • It has been amazing to find quite how meaningless time is when there are so few societal impositions upon my time
      … so long as I remember that deadlines still matter
      Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment
      The Lonely Recluse

  3. Well described. All days are open and much repeats. So much stress and yet stress-less day to days.

    • Yes. The weird mix of stress and stress-less has really struck me. There is so much uncertainty, but I am certain that the sun will rise and set, that time will be spent studying/gardening/cooking, and there is such a release of stress in the routine.
      Thanks for the comment
      The Lonely Recluse

  4. Very nice. It seems easy to fall back to the rhythms of just living and doing the necessary tasks of living.

    • A friend described it as almost entering Monastic Time, and I can see what he means, there is something actually quite peaceful in being able to just live.
      Thanks for the comment
      The Lonely Recluse

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