Carnival of Grum

So another week roles around, and with it comes another quadrille invite at dVerse, this time hosted by Mish, who suggested that poets may have a habit of beating their own drum. Well, after I’ve had the chance to beat my drum by writing a poem with the word “drum”, go check out everyone else beating their drums

This is inspired by a mixture of reading Catherynne M Valente’s Orphan’s Tales, and the conversations with an author friend (go check her out ). Maybe I’ll get round to writing some prose about the carnival of Grum some day, then again maybe not. Who knows. For now, here is an invite at least

Come one, come all to the carnival of Grum
Lose yourself to the beating of the drum
The wonders you will see if only you will come
Fairies and goblins are far from humdrum
Take your chance, lose yourself at the carnival of Grum

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on June 15, 2020.

15 Responses to “Carnival of Grum”

  1. The carnival of Grum sounds ominous. Nice description.

    • Yeah, it felt like it was supposed to be ominous as I wrote it, but there’s only so much you can get into 44 words. the last line was supposed to be playing on the folklore of fairies stealing people. glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment

  2. I love the use of rhyme in this one 🙂

  3. I like the rhyming in this piece as well. Nice quadrille.

  4. “Fairies and goblins are far from humdrum”
    For that line alone, i would venture into your story.
    Thanks for a fun quadrille

  5. I like the steady rhythm and repetitive rhyme, and the image of a fairy drummer leading me to the carnival of Grum. Yes, ‘Fairies and goblins are far from humdrum’!

  6. I can see this one being very cute with illustrations to go with it! … and repeated over and over again!

    • That is a more pleasant way of seeing it, I have to admit I’d assumed either scary carnival, or just fairies stealing people because fairies do that. Either way, I really like the idea of repeating the poem over and over, I may have to use that if I do write it. Thanks for the comment (and the idea), glad you enjoyed it

  7. That sounds like a perfect place to be… maybe something for a midsummer night bacchanal

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