The Void Stares Back

It’s Quadrille time with dVerse today, so on with a 44 word poem. De challenged us to write a poem with possibilities. My mind decided to take a bit of a darker wander for this one. Go check out the fantastic poets who’ve written other possibility laden posts

The word possibility
Loses all credibility
As the void stares back
Odd civility
Leading you on
Knowing your own fragility
There is no
Too late learning
That the void stares back
And the word possibility
Loses all credibility

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on November 16, 2020.

20 Responses to “The Void Stares Back”

  1. I like the downward spiral of this, both in tone and in shape. Well done.

  2. The repetition of ” As the void stares back” gives this poem strength

    • I’ve always loved repetition as a device. Interestingly I was listening to a podcast the other day which quoted Chuck Palahniuk’s love of repetition for the same reason (still actually need to read some of his stuff, I’ve been meaning to for years). Thanks for the comment

  3. It’s sad when that happens. Beautifully written!

  4. The opposite of possibility: a dark place indeed, but hopefully only a fiction/illusion!

  5. So beautiful and sad.

  6. Sadly, for many in the throes of depression, this is all too true. They see and feel only a dark dark hole from which there is no way out….no possibility for an escape or change. You’ve described it well.

    • It’s interesting, I didn’t actually write this as a reflection on depression. It was actually from an old writing prompt me and a friend co-wrote “the void stared back”. Now that you’ve mentioned the link to depression it does actually fit like a glove. Or should I say “I meant that all along, honest…”. Thank you for your comment

  7. No matter how stark the void, I like to think there’s always a nugget of possibility waiting to be found and glorified. I like the way you presented your poem!

  8. A great write! Love the form and the message.

  9. Possibility only loses credibility if one allows it to. Sometimes, in life we learn too late and paths are forever altered.

  10. When you stare into the void you rarely see that it’s just another tunnel I think…

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