I’m on fire this week, two poems in two days. Over at dVerse Merril was musing about bidges, and invited folk to either write a poem with the word bridge, or to write a puente (Spanish for bridge), a puente has two matching stanzas with a middle line – a bridge between the two that links with each (sorry if my explanation is poor, go read Merril’s, and the fantastic poets who have written their bridges).

I had the dual ideas of building/burning bridges between people, particularly the bridges that are made and lost over the interwebs, the idea seemed to fit nicely with my understanding of the puente, so I thought I would write a bridge poem about bridges (although not about Bridge, I’m not good at cards).

I build bridges in the sky
Hope connecting you and I
Edifices soaring high
Vain Gravity to defy
Building bridges in the sky

~ I light a match, watch it flare ~

I burn bridges in the sky
Ending hope twixt you and I
See the smoke soaring high
Vain, Gravity to defy
Burning bridges in the sky

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment (it makes my day)
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on April 27, 2021.

24 Responses to “Bridges”

  1. I like the contrast of building and burning bridges. This is a busy month. Thank you for joining in!
    I was wondering if you meant vain instead of vein?

  2. This is incredibly stunning! 💝 You have woven the concept of both building and burning bridges so very skillfully in this Puente.

  3. I love this. As often as it can be freeing burning bridges, it’s also devastating as well. I think this piece encompasses both facets here. There is at first the hope in building something anew or reconnecting what has thought to have been long-gone; and then burning the bridge when all hope is truly lost. It’s evocative especially in your imagery in the ending lines, as well as realistic. Beautifully, if not hauntingly, expressed.

    • It is a strange juggling act in both building and burning bridges, either can be constructive or destructive. The question is when which is which. Is hope eternal, or is it foolish? Or are there times when hope could be either? Thanks for the comment

  4. From building them to burning the bridges, I like the twist and change of intent in the puente poem. Also, this looks like a mirror poem, with the slight changes in the verses. Thanks for joining in.

    • Yeah, I really wanted to capture the idea that burning and building bridges are but mirrors of each other, and how fleeting can be the reason one turns to the other, glad I managed to capture it. Thanks for the comment

  5. Burning bridges in the sky! Love the image …. great job!!

  6. The stanzas mirror each other perfectly!

  7. I like how you set up the opposites of a build bridge and a burnt bridge here.

  8. I love the way the whole poem rhymes except for the bridge, perfect for this poem with its two parts separated by a comma, with slightly different rhythms – the quick staccato of ‘I light a match’ juxtaposed with ‘watch it flare’ – separating and connecting the two ideas of building and burning bridges. By the way, I have trouble reading your posts as the font is incredibly small.

    • I really wanted to capture the idea of how short the space can be between burning and building bridges, with just that jarring discord that can be so fleeting. I’m glad it managed to work.

      Thank you for pointing that out, I don’t think I’ve ever changed my font, fairly sure it was the default to the theme however many years ago. I will sort that out for next time

      Thanks for the comment

  9. A well-executed bridge puente

  10. I really love how you used the refrains as well… When I read your poem I saw Van Gogh’s starry sky before me.

    Here is a song…

    • A beautiful song I’ve not listened to for ages, thanks for the link. And thank you for the amazingly kind comparison to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, I’m sure I don’t deserve it, but I’m glad you enjoyed the poem anyway

  11. And scripts can be flipped just that easily. Great take on the prompt, Lonely Recluse.

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