The Seeds of the Day

So today Merril prompted the folk at dVerse to write a quadrille with the word seed in it. If you haven’t read this form before, it is a poem of exactly 44 words, generally with a prompt word in there somewhere. I’m back to my old old style of darker poetry with my take on today’s prompt, but go check out the other fantastic takes on today’s prompt

The seeds of the day were sown
In smoke, ash, and bone
The cry of a dying crone
Baby’s boot, alone
The hearts of the men were stone
Deaf, to plea, to moan
The seeds of the day were sown
In blood soaked loam

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on May 3, 2021.

23 Responses to “The Seeds of the Day”

  1. Dark. The militant messaging comes through strong. Violent, uncaring, and a seed that will bear fruit in the future. What comes from a seed of violence and apathy? I’d rather not know. Well crafted all the same.

  2. Well writtdn.

  3. Very dark and heartbreaking to me. It’s also quite a stirring piece, especially with these lines:

    “The cry of a dying crone
    Baby’s boot, alone
    The hearts of the men were stone
    Deaf, to plea, to moan”

    Just wow, taking it all in, it’s really something. Hauntingly penned and surreal. I love the rhyme scheme throughout as well!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. The rhyme scheme was the beginning of it, I had “the seeds of the day were sown” in my head and just the wealth of rhymes led it on. Glad you enjoyed it

  4. Love the assonance making the a moaning sound throughout. Enjoyed.

  5. There have been too many of these times throughout history. I like how you don’t make it a specific time or place, but simply give us snapshots of the moans, the baby’s boot, the heartless men. . .

  6. Following on from your comment – its interesting how one line can get lodged in our head, and become the seed for what follows. A poem that conjures up disturbing images very effectively – ‘Blood soaked loam’ – very dark.

  7. Like remains of the day in my mind … well crafted.

  8. I love it… the end rhymes made it even darker, like a spell or an incantation

  9. Nice continuing rhyming scheme throughout.

  10. This is incredibly hard-hitting and poigant!

  11. Nice blog

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