The Sky is falling

Sorry for the brief preamble today, I’m travelling and writing on my phone.

Grace over at dVerse has invited folk to write a monotetra, a poem in which each stanza is 4 lines of 8 syllables with the same end rhyme, and a final line that repeats itself. Go check out the other poets here

The inspiration for today’s poem was getting stuck walking home in the worst weather I’ve been out in for a good number of years.

The sky falling, the thunder roars
Road a river, the pavements shores
Trav’lers rafting, our legs our oars
Yet still it pours, yet still it pours

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment
The Lonely Recluse

~ by The Lonely Recluse on July 30, 2021.

18 Responses to “The Sky is falling”

  1. That’s a nice title and a lovely poem. 🙂

  2. The weather has been odd over here too, honestly. Love this piece, it really describes the insanity and changing of the weather these days with crazy storms. Beautifully and evocatively written!

  3. The rain just keep pouring. I specially like the legs our oars. Hope you got home safely!

    • Thankfully it seems to have stopped for a few days, although the weather still can’t seem to make up it’s mind as it is. Yes, I got home safely, looking like a drowned rat, but safe. Thanks for the comment

  4. Let it rain! let it rain!!

  5. Eloquently describes your stormy walk!

  6. It seems it’s pouring everywhere. You have captured so well the rains we are experiencing too.

  7. Beautifully done! 💝💝

  8. I’m glad you weren’t carried away by the river!

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