Why Does The Hyena Laugh?

A made up myth for you, I wrote it after reflecting on my time in Tanzania. I went on safari in the Serengeti and we saw a hyena, my favourite African animal (sadly we didn’t hear him laugh). When we got back, I realised how little we heard about hyenas while we were out there, for example you could by wooden carvings of almost all the safari animals except hyenas. So I decided to write a tale just for them.

“Why does the hyena laugh Grandpa?”

“Ah a great story that is child. Sit and I’ll explain why the hyena he laugh.”

“In the start of days the hyena he was a great hunter, roaming across the savannah stalking his prey. Now t’is well know that hunters they see Death, and Hyena he was no exception. Hyena he thought he’d be clever and follow Death to his prey, but Death was not going for big game like Hyena want, no Death was going to little Ant, for t’is well known that Death he go to the end of all things , from small Ant to great Elephant. Hyena he watch as Death go to the Ant’s end, but ant and his friends don’t want Ant to die, so with all their strength they pick Death up, right off his feet and they throw him away. Now don’t forget Death is a majestic and vein being and hates being made a fool, even more Death hates being laughed at. Hyena, he forget that Death is vein and he laughs, he laugh real hard at Death for being thrown away by the tiny ants. Death he heard Hyena’s laughter and he grew real angry. Death he could not take Hyena for it was not Hyena’s time, so Death cursed Hyena. Death he say “Hyena you laugh at me, at Death, so now you shall laugh at all things. You tried to follow me to find prey so now you shall follow me always and shall eat the flesh of the already dead, never again shall you kill your food, always shall you scavenge.” And so it was. And from that day forth Hyena and his kids they laugh at all things and they follow Death to their food and they no kill their prey.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.

The Lonely Recluse.

~ by The Lonely Recluse on July 9, 2011.

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