The Raindrop Song

From now untill they run out Thursdays are going to be prose days, particularly from the series of short fairy(ish) stories I’ve been writing. From now on I’m going to just leave the stories to do the talking.


“Have you ever sat in a tent and listened to the rain fall on the canvas?” Asked an old man to a young girl.

“Yes Opa, of course I have, it rained yesterday.”

“Oh … of course it did child, I must be losing my marbles. Anyway, do you know what the sound is?”

“No Opa.” Said the girl with glee, the old man’s stories were always the best part of the day, especially on a camping holiday.

“Well then, close your eyes and let your mind take you to Faeland.

Back in the early day, when I was still young, the rain only made one sound – thump, thump, thump, thump, like a big marching drum. This is because the Fae were at war with each other. No one could remember why, even if they could they wouldn’t have told me. But they were at war. And the Fae, being masters of the elements, used the elements, especially water. They used the rain like our soldiers use drums, to time their march – left, right, left, right, thump, thump, thump, thump. You could always tell when the fae were battling, because it rained.

Now there was a magic lemon tree.”

“A lemon tree Opa?” Interrupted the disbelieving child.

“Yes, a lemon tree. Now if you know the histories better than I who was there, you can tell me the tale.” Huffed the old man

“No Opa,” squealed the girl, “I’ll keep quiet I promise.”

“Good. Now where was I? Oh yes the magical lemon tree. Now the magic of this tree was that if the juice was drank, then whosoever drank it would fall in love with whoever else drank the juice of the same lemon.

There was a young Boggart at the time. He’d lost all his family to the war, some on one side, some on the other. He was sick of the pointless war and was trying to think of how to stop it. He remembered the magical lemon tree. Now I probably should have said, the leader of one side of the Fae was a beautiful Faerie princess and the leader of the other side was a handsome Faerie prince. If only the Boggart could get them to drink the juice of a magic lemon. Now in those days, like in these, the Fae loved to drink tea, they’d drink little else. Unlike these days they would drink it black without anything else in it. The young Boggart decided to take a thought walk to try think of a way to end the war. As he walked he happened to wander into Manland. This was very common in the early days, before the Fae feared Man, but that is a story for a different day.” Added the old man when he saw the girl about to interrupt again. “On his thought walk the Boggart passed by a café and saw the strangest thing – the humans were drinking tea with lemon. The Boggart walked up to me, for it was indeed I sat at the café drinking tea with lemon. He walked up to me and asked for a mouthful of tea because he had been walking for so long and was thirsty. I, being rather fond of boggarts, bought him a whole cup. He then asked for a slice of lemon, being mighty curious about me drinking tea with lemon, so I gave him a slice of lemon, they were free anyway. Well when he took his first sip his eyes lit up, and you’d think he’d walked a thousand miles in the desert the way he glugged the rest of it. And off he trotted with far too many thank yous for a simple cuppa.

Well the young Boggart wanders up to the magic lemon tree as soon as he could after and picked a magic lemon straight off.”

“If it was a magic tree why wasn’t it guarded Opa?”

“Because the Fae didn’t use lemons for anything back then, they were seen as useless. Now the Boggart he wandered up to the princess’ castle proclaiming he was the greatest chef in the lands, the Fae would never turn away a chef who would make them a meal or a drink. So the young Boggart wandered into the main hall and made a cup of tea with a slice of lemon (from the magic lemon of course) and would only let the princess drink it. As soon as she tried it she drained the whole cup, declaring it was the greatest drink ever. The Boggart sneaked out of her castle and went to the prince’s castle and did the same thing. The prince also declared it the greatest drink ever. Then both the prince and princess decided they wanted to see each other, so they did and they fall in love and got married. To celebrate the Fae caused the rain to make a new song, a joyous one rather than the old march. And that is why the rain makes the raindrop song on canvas.”

“But Opa, that isn’t real love, the magic of the lemon caused it.” Complained an offended child.

“Now child when you drink and eat, do you stay forever full? No you have to drink and eat again soon enough. So it is with the magic lemon’s magic, the spell wore off after a day or so and from what I heard the prince and princess fell deeper in love after it wore off.”

“Ahh, now I see Opa. But what about the Boggart, what happened to him?”

“His end I know personally, for I have seen it child, as clear as I see you now. He opened the very first, and still the best, café in all Faeland. And I will always say that his tea with lemon is the best I’ve ever had. Now its time for you to say hello to old Mr Nod, so lay your head down on the pillow and goodnight child.”

“Goodnight Opa.” Yawned the girl as she promptly fell asleep.


Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.


~ by The Lonely Recluse on November 6, 2014.

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